Bradley Fell Race Juniors – Results

Some highly competitive junior races with some good results for Wharfedale.  The Under 17’s race was selected to be and England Trials race so especially well done to Ellie Lambert who was 7th girl and Hannah Newbold 14th.  In the under 14’s Robbie Johnstone achieved 3rd and Shauna Williamson was 3rd girl!  Ciaren Crabtree was 3rd in the under 12’s race with George Milner 3rd in the Under 9’s.  Well done to all who ran great effort!


Pos. Name Category Club Time Notes
1st Jack Willis U17B Middlesbrough & Cleveland 00:20:36  
2nd Jack Denton U17B Calder Valley 00:21:21  
3rd Emile Cairess U17B Bingley Harriers 00:21:31  
22nd Ellie Lambert U17G Wharfedale 00:27:20  
47th Hannah Newbold U17G Wharfedale 00:32:01  


1st Matthew Merrick U14B Bingley Harriers 00:10:40  
2nd James Lund U14B Keighley & Craven 00:10:55  
3rd Robbie Johnstone U14B Wharfedale 00:11:13  
14th Shauna Williamson U14G Wharfedale 00:13:01 3rd Girl
15th Tegan Knappy U14G Wharfedale 00:13:09  
20th Keera Nelson U14G Wharfedale 00:14:31  


1st Katie Atkinson U12G Keighley & Craven 00:06:15  
2nd Alexander Thompson U12B Keighley & Craven 00:06:18  
3rd Ciaren Crabtree U12B Wharfedale 00:06:21 2nd Boy
7th Jack Muir U12B Wharfedale 00:06:45  
9th Logan Hargreaves-Madhas U12B Wharfedale 00:06:55  
17th Sam Smith U12B Wharfedale 00:07:14  
21st Charlotte Barrett U12G Wharfedale 00:07:25  
22nd Emily Jones U12G Wharfedale 00:07:29  
25th Alice Jones U12G Wharfedale 00:07:38  
34th Richard Done U12B Wharfedale 00:08:40  
38th Jay Nelson U12B Wharfedale 00:09:01  


1st Evan Mills U9B Keighley & Craven 00:02:58  
2nd Charlie Whitehead U9B Keighley & Craven 00:03:04  
3rd George Milner U9B Wharfedale 00:03:05  
13th Rebecca Kerman U9G Wharfedale 00:03:19  
19th Katie Handley U9G Wharfedale 00:03:29  
24th Tristain Nelson U9B Wharfedale 00:03:40  
28th Nathan Hird U9B Wharfedale 00:03:55  
39th Alice Kerman U9G Wharfedale 00:04:14  
40th Lily Milner U9G Wharfedale 00:04:16  

Full results are avalible on the BOFRA site here.