Club Champs

Wharfedale Harriers Club Championship and Race Calendar 2018

Please note all BOFRA championship races and dates are provisional until agreed at the BOFRA AGM. Any dates marked with “?” may be subject to change and have not been verified.  BOFRA details will be updated following the AGM on Feb 25th.

Continuing on from last year it will again be necessary to compete in at least 4 of the races for seniors to receive a trophy at the end of the season.

Final 2017 Championship Tables

Senior Champs – After Race 13, Shepherds Skyline

U20 Champs – After Race 13

Age categories are based on age as at 1/05/2017.

If you spot any errors or I’ve assumed wrong age group, please email Geoff Thompson

Previous Years


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Final Positions Seniors 2015 Seniors U20
Final Positions Seniors 2013 Ladies Men
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