Quarry Runs

Sunday 14th January 2018  10.30am

Sunday 7th October 2018  10.30am

Sunday 16th December 2018  10.30am

U9  – 600m

U11/U13/U15 – 1600m

U17/U19 – 2900m

Fast and furious, short circuits of the old quarries around Pensistone Hill

Originally started by Dave and Eileen Woodhead these Junior races accompany the Stanbury Splash, Withins and the Stoop. They all start in the quarry, with a mad dash along the bottom before scrambling up the end of the quarry. U9’s then loop straight back round and down into the quarry before they scramble up again and head to the finish. Older age groups do 1 or 2 laps of the moor, running past the edge of the pond and back round by the trig, each time dropping back into the quarry. First race is 10.30 am for U9’s, followed by other ages at 10.45am
U9’s do one small lap. All other ages 1 large lap except U17’s and U19’s who do 2 large laps

Google earth view of Quarry Runs
Google Map of course

Registration time 9.30am

Cricket Hut,
West End Cricket Club,
Penistone Hill,
GR 023 363

minimum age 6 years on day

Entry Cost £2

Race Contact

Lynda Hargreaves 07973 713258



  • BU19 James Hall Wharfedale 10-24 2011
  • BU17 James Hall Wharfedale 10-24 2011
  • BU15 Alexander Thompson Wharfedale 5-46 2017
  • BU13 Rory Addison Helm Hill 6-15 2005
  • BU11 Joseph Carnelly Bingley 6-47 2013
  • BU9 James Sadler-Townsend Keighley & Craven 2-40 2015


  • GU19 Annabel Mason Wakefield 11-35 2011
  • GU17 Annabel Mason Wakefield 11-35 2011
  • GU15 Alice Jones Wharfedale 6-27 2016
  • GU13 Alice Jones Wharfedale 6-27 2016
  • GU11 Alice Jones Wharfedale 7-30 2014
  • GU9 Lily McGuiness East Chesire 2-47 2006 2007 ; Phoebe Midgley Keighley & Craven 2-47 2015

Past Results

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