Junior Championship

The Junior Championship for 2024 is based on the best 7 results out of 13 races.

Below is the list of races for those juniors that would like to compete and take part in the championship.  At the end of the season there is a presentation with trophies for those that finish in the top three of each category.


Please double check dates and times with race organiser website, in case of last minute changes.

The junior calendar also lists many other local races, which also hold junior races.  Fell races for children are usually fun events, and are a good motivation to encourage children to improve their running.

Alongside the junior champs we run a Mum’s and Dads championship which is based on the same set of races as the juniors.  In order to gain points you must have a child that runs the junior race to qualify for points on that day. As long as your child runs for Wharfedale Harriers, it doesn’t matter if the parent is a club member or not. There will then be a trophy for the Mum and the Dad who gain the most points at the end of the year.

Junior Race and Championship Calendar 2024

Junior Champs 2024 after race 4 Kettlewell

Mums & Dads Champs 2024 after race 4

If you spot any errors or I’ve assumed wrong age group, please email Geoff Thompson


Rules and scoring


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