Junior Championship Rules

RULES 2020

1. Points are awarded based on the relative finishing position of Wharfedale juniors in each championship race. Points are allocated separately for boys and girls. In each race there are 60 points for the first place, 57 for second, 55 for third, decreasing by one point thereafter.

2. Age groups are based on BOFRA categories, U9,U12,U14,U17;  with age being determined as of May 1st 2020.

3. Where different age groups run together in the same race, they are separated into age groups before points are allocated.

4. In the case of FRA championship races where the age groups are different to those of our championship and competitors are running in different categories then the following rules will apply.

4.1 If competitors finish in the top 10; points are awarded in each race , eg first Wharfedale U11 in top 10 scores 60, first U13 in top 10 scores 60. Successive competitors in the top 10 are awarded 57,55 etc in each race separately

4.2 If a competitor finishes outside the top 10; points are awarded following on from the lowest points already allocated in either race. Points are then awarded based on the combined positions across the two races. Eg competitor A finishes 6th U12, competitor B finishes 12th U10, competitor C finishes 18th U12. Competitor A scores 60, B 57 and C 55

This last rule although a little complicated works in practice to reward the better runners and to ensure that everyone has to try their best.

For any queries or errors from the results please contact Geoff Thompson      geoff-thompson@outlook.com