Bradley Fell Race Seniors – Results

32 Wharfedale runners did this race and there were some fantastic results across the board.  James Hall finished second not far behind the winner Jack Simpson (Leeds City).  The pair opened up a sizable gap to the rest of the feild to finish in impressive times.  Dave Kirkham finished in 3rd with Stephen Brock 4th.  Well done to all our runners some great performances!

Pos. Name Category Club Time
1st Jack Simpson M Leeds City 00:23:17
2nd James Hall M Wharfedale 00:23:32
3rd Dave Kirkham M Wharfedale 00:25:09
4th Stephen Brock M Wharfedale  00:25:27
7th Marc Sennett  M Wharfedale  00:25:52
8th Sam Haggar M Wharfedale  00:25:55
12th Jason Hemsley MV40 Wharfedale 00:26:53
20th Paul M Crabtree MV40 Wharfedale  00:27:38
30th John Wootton MV50 Wharfedale 00:29:06
31st Jim Roberts MV40 Wharfedale 00:29:14
32nd Mickey Griffin MV40 Wharfedale 00:29:15
33rd Chris Jones MV40 Wharfedale 00:29:18
37th Daniel Coe MV40 Wharfedale 00:29:33
38th Matthew Hird M Wharfedale 00:29:36
40th Paul Lambert M Wharfedale 00:29:41
44th Mick Bray MV40 Wharfedale 00:30:44
45th Martin Farrar MV50 Wharfedale 00:30:51
59th Barry Scholes MV60 Wharfedale 00:31:58
67th Paul Wilson MV50 Wharfedale 00:33:57
69th Katherine Kirkham  Lady Wharfedale 00:34:14
73rd Neil Taylor MV50 Wharfedale 00:35:34
74th Lynn Whittaker LV50 Wharfedale 00:35:36
75th Stuart Johnstone MV40 Wharfedale 00:35:39
77th Sharon Newbold LV40 Wharfedale 00:36:18
79th Trevor Metcalfe MV60 Wharfedale 00:36:47
83rd Anne Handley LV40 Wharfedale 00:38:18
85th Dawn Denton LV40 Wharfedale 00:38:30
86th Anne Milner LV40 Wharfedale 00:40:05
87th Steve Milner MV50 Wharfedale 00:40:06
91st Sarah Bright L Wharfedale 00:41:33
92nd Caroline Harrison LV40 Wharfedale 00:42:04
98th Patsy Hall LV50 Wharfedale 00:46:12
99th Roger Hall MV60 Wharfedale 00:46:13

Full results are available on the BOFRA site here.