Muker Show Seniors – Results

Another close fought race between Ted Mason and Shaun Godsman of Calder Valley, this time Ted missed out on the win however he can still take victory of the BOFRA championship if he wins the next 3 championship races.  Jimmy Craig was not far behind in 4th holding off strong runs from Stephen Brock and Johnny Bradshaw.  Johnny was 1st MU23 ahead of Sam Haggar and Declan Bulmer.  Kirsty Hall was 3rd lady still performing well in the Womens BOFRA championship.  Jean Powell is also doing well and fighting for 3rd lady, she was once again 1st LV45!  There was as usual a strong turn out of Wharfedale runners at this race, well done all!

Pos. Name Category Club Time Notes
1st Shaun Godsman MV40 Calder Valley 00:11:37  
2nd Ted Mason M Wharfedale  00:11:45  
3rd Jack Simpson M Leeds City 00:12:01  
4th Jimmy Craig M Wharfedale  00:12:23  
5th Stephen Brock M Wharfedale  00:12:27  
6th Johnny Bradshaw MU23 Wharfedale  00:12:49 1st MU23
8th Marc Sennett M Wharfedale  00:13:33  
12th Paul Lambert MV45 Wharfedale  00:13:55  
13th Sam Haggar MU23 Wharfedale  00:14:02  
14th Declan Bulmer MU23 Wharfedale  00:14:09  
20th Jim Roberts MV40 Wharfedale  00:14:49  
22nd John Wootton MV50 Wharfedale  00:15:34  
26th Kirsty Hall L Wharfedale  00:15:58 3rd Lady
28th Barry Scholes MV60 Wharfedale  00:16:08  
29th David Wilson MU23 Wharfedale  00:16:26  
32nd Jean Powell LV45 Wharfedale  00:16:48 1st LV45
34th Andy Holden MV45 Wharfedale  00:17:28  
35th Paul Wilson MV50 Wharfedale  00:17:30  
36th Trevor Metcalfe MV60 Wharfedale  00:17:33  
44th Stuart Johnstone MV45 Wharfedale  00:18:58  
46th Sharon Newbold LV45 Wharfedale  00:19:20  
47th Lynn Whittaker LV45 Wharfedale  00:19:34  
48th Sarah Wilson LU23 Wharfedale  00:19:55  
50th Dawn Denton LV40 Wharfedale  00:20:37  
59th Lynda Hargreaves LV45 Wharfedale  00:23:26  

Full Results can be found on the BOFRA site here.