Ben Nevis Race – Results

This years Ben Nevis race was feircely competitive and won in an impressive time by Lochaber’s Finlay Wild.  Sam Watson showed his class to finish in a fantastic 6th place, he has been consistantly in the top 10 in recent years! Paul ‘Crabby’ Crabtree amazingly finished in the exact same time as last year, well done Paul.  Colin Moses also finished in an impressive time.  As usual there were great results throughout, Wharfedale were the 3rd team and had the largest numbers outside of Scotland, well done all! 

Pos. Name Category Club Time
1st Finlay Wild M Lochaber AC  01:30:06
2nd Samuel Tosh M Rossendale AC 01:37:27
3rd Murray Strain M Hunters Bog Trotters 01:38:34
6th Sam Watson M Wharfedale  01:40:48
26th Paul ‘Crabby’ Crabtree M Wharfedale  01:51:50
32nd Colin Moses M Wharfedale  01:52:59
47th Chris Newman M Wharfedale  01:56:54
66th Paul Carman M Wharfedale  01:59:51
70th Paul Crabtree M Wharfedale  02:00:36
78th Paul Lambert M Wharfedale  02:01:50
104th Pete Dimitrijevic M Wharfedale  02:06:56
159th Gareth Pemberton M Wharfedale  02:15:23
162nd Jonathon Boothman M Wharfedale  02:15:58
165th Martin Farrar M Wharfedale  02:16:15
195th Kirsty Hall L Wharfedale  02:21:16
202nd John Egan M Wharfedale  02:22:58
247th Jean Powell L Wharfedale  02:28:48
277th Ian Page M Wharfedale  02:34:38
291st Tim Done M Wharfedale  02:36:53
307th Emma Dodd L Wharfedale  02:38:37
357th Michael Black M Wharfedale  02:47:12
368th Neil Russel-Taylor M Wharfedale  02:49:55
383rd Angela Donlan L Wharfedale  02:52:44
410th Caren Crabtree L Wharfedale  03:01:30
411th Mark Bennett M Wharfedale  03:01:30
442nd Val Done L Wharfedale  03:09:37
452nd Kate Newman L Wharfedale  03:14:49
461st Anne Milner L Wharfedale  03:19:07
462nd Stephen Milner M Wharfedale  03:19:07

Full Results are available on the Ben Nevis website here.