Bunny Run 2 – Results 2024

We weren’t quite so lucky with the weather this week, as while the rain had cleared the wind didn’t drop as predicted, so there was some blustery running, and the mud was deeper and thicker than the previous week.  That didn’t deter our runners though as 160 still took part.

This week’s race winner after finishing second at the previous race was Jimmy Craig of Barlick FR in a time of 17:06  with first lady once again Molly Browne of Wharfedale Harriers in a time of 19:08

Male Egg Stage winner was Michael Malyon in a time of 3:43 with female Egg Stage winner Clara Mckee of CVFR in a time of 4:09



Series standings after 2 races

Series Standings

Complete all 3 races and you could receive a series prize, which are presented after the Bunny Run Relays.


Please remember to keep your number and use it again if you come to the last race.  You must come and tell us you are running, no need to fill a form in, just pay for your race if you didnt pay in advance,  and for those that run all three races there are the chance of series prizes which are handed out after the relays.

Please avoid parking in the residential streets behind the Inn.  Apparently this is a now a residents permit area, so there is the possibility of being fined,  and causes bad feeling with the residents.


Dave and Eileen Woodhead
The Start
After The Start
After The Egg Stage
1st Descent
Long Lap
Winners & Finish