Dick Hudsons – Results 2019

After the recent dry spell and even fires on nearby parts of Ilkley Moor one might have expected the ground to be bone dry, however heavy bursts of rain during the day, and a downpour just before people arrived for registration meant the ground was quite wet in places and the recent rain made the stone path surfaces somewhat slippery for running.

This years race also proved the importance of people doing there own recce and knowing the race route for themselves rather than following the man in front.  After the leading man took a wrong turn, a whole group of runners blindly followed, resulting in them taking a circuitous route to reach the gate at Dick Hudsons and adding an extra mile and a half to their route.  Consequently it was quite a surprise for the back markers to find themselves being overtaken by a stream of fast runners as they headed down towards the  gate at Dick Hudsons.  This race also provides for a variety of routes up onto the moor from the start line, so providing the challenge of deciding which may be best and then again to pick the fastest route down on return.

This years winner, having taken an optimum route was Adam Stirk of Wharfedale Harriers in a time of 48.45, whilst first lady was Helen Thornhill of Ribble Valley Harriers in a time of 53.20.

Mens team winners were Ilkley Harriers with Paul Carman, Dave Robson and Dave Foyston; whilst Ladies team winners were Chapel Allerton with Jen Whiteman, Denise McGeachy and Jo Thorp.

It was a good turn out with 123 runners setting off from the start line for this years race.