WYXC, West Park, Leeds – James wins and Senior Men 1st team!

James Hall James ‘the gazelle’ Hall had a fantastic run to win the 3rd race in the WYXC league and take his first senior XC victory. This helps the men finish a brilliant first team again with James, Sam W and Nick given the same time in a sprint finish, Sam H, Jonny and Crabby counting for the team with good back up from Raj. In the ladies race Looie had a great run finishing in 9th, closely followed by Clare in 12th, Gill in 14th and Katherine K 33rd – securing 3rd team place.

The results of the Wharfedalers are as follows:

Senior Men – 1st team

1 James Hall 34.38

15 Sam Watson 37.21

16 Nick Charlesworth 37.21

18 Sam Haggar 37.27

26 Jonny Bradshaw 38.39

42 Paul Crabby Crabtree 39.48

140 Raj Madhas 53.02

Senior Ladies – 3rd team

9 Louisa Pickles 28.06

12 Clare Pearson 28.33

14 Gill Myers 28.39

33 Katherine Kirkham 30.25

55 Angela Donlan 34.01

56 Catherine Hill 34.14

64 Madeleine Watson 35.49

66 Lynda Hargreaves 36.09

72 Bridget Thompson 38.57