Junior Championship

The Junior Championship is based on the best 7 results out of 13 races.

Below is the list of races for those juniors that would like to compete and take part in the championship.  At the end of the season there is a presentation with trophies for those that finish in the top three of each category.

Also once again we will run a Mum’s and Dads championship which will be based on the same set of races as the juniors.  In order to gain points you must have a child that runs the junior race to qualify for points on that day. There will then be a trophy for the Mum and the Dad who gain the most points.  As there is no senior race at Kettlewell Kids Kaper this will be based on best 7 out of 12.

Junior Championship Races 2020

Junior Champs Table 2019 – after race 13: Withins

Mums and Dads Champs Table 2019 – after race 13 : Withins

If you spot any errors or I’ve assumed wrong age group, please email Geoff Thompson

1 Sat 28th April Kettlewell Kids Kaper 11:00 AM
2 Sat 11th April Rivington Pike 12.30 PM
3 Sat 30th May West Nab 12.30 PM
4 Sun 7th Jun Kettlewell 12:00 noon
5 Sun 21st Jun Hawkswick Dash 12:00 noon
6 Thu 2nd Jul Murder Mile, Silsden 7:15 PM
7 Sun 19th Jul Cracoe 12:00 noon
8 Sat 25th Jul Cowling Gala 1.30 PM
9 Thur 6th Aug Eshton Moor Race, Gargrave 6.30 PM
10 Sun 6th Sep Burnsall 12:00 noon
11 Sun 13th Sept Bradley Fun Day 1:30 PM
12 Sun 20th Sept Embsay 12:00 noon
13 Sun 11th Oct Withens Skyline 10:30 AM


Rules and scoring


Previous results

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